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Kingston, Jamaica |

May 15, 2012

Bro Leslie Joseph Buckland a Christian for over 40 years studying the Bible from Genesis to Revelation over and over again from several different translations is offering his time and services to interested congregations or individuals seeking assistance in the following areas:

I will be willing to do the following professional services for members of the Church of Christ, especially Ministers of Religion, Sunday School Teachers, Mid-Week Bible Class Teachers, Youth Ministers, etc.

  • Put together a Sermon on any requested topic: J.$500
  • Put together a Sunday School Lesson on any requested topic: J.$500
  • Put together a Mid-Week Bible Class Lesson on any requested topic: J.$500
  • Put together a Lesson especially designed for young people: J.$500
  • Put together a Tract for the Church on any requested topic: J.$250
  • Put together a Debate on any requested topic: J.$500
  • Do research on any requested topic: J.$1,000

My qualifications are as follows:

  • I have been studying the Holy Scriptures almost every day for 39 years.
  • I have studied Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, the three original languages of the Holy Scriptures.
  • I have studied the Holy Scriptures in Christian Colleges overseas: Ohio Valley College and Harding University, and I have an Associate of Arts Degree in Bible, a Bachelor of Science Degree in Bible, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Languages.
  • I have been studying with a variety of people in different communities, in my efforts to spread the Gospel, and am acquainted with many kinds of arguments that oppose God’s Truth in the Holy Scriptures, and what may be said to counteract their arguments.

My contact is: Leslie Joseph Buckland Jr.
P.O. Box 1784,
Kingston 8,
Jamaica, West Indies.

mobile: 1 ( 876 ) 997-4385
email: joe_buckland[at]

Payment may be made by Money Order or Postal Order.

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