Church of Christ Jamaica
Bringing Light to the Nation

Evagelink 6 EventThe concept of Evangelink is to have Christians from across the island “link up” at a specified point to evangelize and spread the gospel of Christ in that area. The usual activities undertaken are

1. The distribution of gospel pamphlets with a list of surrounding congregations
2. A Street Meeting with congregational singing and preaching

The idea behind Evangelink came from our annual youth retreat where commonly on a Wednesday, campers would be organized to journey to surrounding communities to distribute tracts. This effort was further reinforced by a street meeting within that same week. It was reasoned that the success of this event was the strength of numbers and the unifying of Christians in this common goal of spreading the gospel.

Evagelink LocationAfter the 2004 Youth Retreat the idea developed to mobilise brethren from among the local congregations, to journey to a selected community to expose the word of God and assist the congregations in that area.

The first Evangelink took place that year in Mandeville – Manchester and since then it has journeyed to various other communities across the island. These include Morant Bay – St. Thomas, Savanna la mar – Westmoreland, Annotto Bay – St. Mary, and Patrick Gardens – Kingston.

Evagelink 6 EventPhillipians speaks about the “fellowship of the gospel”, Evangelink has sort to bring the youth of the church into that fellowship. It has to its credit placing the gospel in literally thousands of hands and has brought together hundreds of Christians from across the island, walking the streets, pavements, tracks of this country with the gospel in their hands, a smile on the face and the joy of working in God’s glorious ministry in their hearts.