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Gayle Gospel Meeting declares Jesus Only Savior of the World

Gayle, St Mary |

August 14, 2017

The Gayle Church of Christ commenced it’s one week Gospel meeting under the Theme Jesus Christ is the only Savior of the world on August 06 with the intention of amplifying and reinforcing the message of Gospel – Jesus Christ central to mankind’s salvation.

Six hundred tracks were distributed, ??twenty five studies conducted and God added to the church, one soul; nineteen years old John Crooks.

The Gospel meeting had??two main speakers which were Rayon Gordon from Belize and James Austin from California, USA.

The meeting was well supported by the local community.

In addition to the nightly Gospel meeting, the congregation hosted an??Empowerment?? Seminar for single mothers and single women. The??attendance averaged thirty women for the three days it was held. Great Lessons were shared such as:
Self-Esteem, Making Wise Choices, Learning From Mistakes, Setting Your Priorities, Dealing With Peer Pressure, How To Appear To Others, Healthy Dating, Coping With Stress,
Loosing A Good Reputation, Values Important To Me!

There were contributions from Detective Patricia Webley, Peer counselor for St. Mary and advisers.??”Overall the Empowerment Seminar was successful as it was also a prep for the nightly meetings.” said Chris Fong minister, Gayle church of Christ.

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