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Newly appointed evangelist making strides


April 29, 2017

Newly appointed evangelist Bro Alphonso Grennell came to the St Andrew congregation in light of the call to preach and edify.

???Bro. Grennell has been Christian for 38 years and has been a faithful and impact member at the Mona and Bullards congregations. He has been married for 30 years with two faithful sons. With these credentials the congregation felt at home in selecting him to lead in this area.??? said Bro Trevor Smith longstanding member.

In a??recent spate of events, the St Andrew congregation has been in the COCJamaica’s spotlight. From personal development workshop, online bible in a year forum, to adopting weekly devotions at the Melrose Primary School, we saw efforts from the congregation to reach the public in areas of personal development and godly living. A visit to the congregation reveals a growing membership with diverse audience of young and older individuals.

COCJamaica caught up with Bro Grennell, an open and frank individual, to ask him a few questions on the transition and work at the congregation he now serves

Why were you interested in this role to serve at the congregation?

I have served in various capacities in the Bullard???s and Mona Heights congregations over these many years and therefore, I saw the invitation to serve as the Evangelist at St. Andrew congregation as a greater level of service in the kingdom of the Lord.

How has been it been working with the congregation for you and your family?

It has been a challenging but very fulfilling experience for my family and I. The support and fellowship of the brethren have been made the hard times bearable and enjoyable.

My wife and sons are serving the congregation various areas; preaching, song leading and youth and singles ministries. Sister Grennell works with the education and ladies??? ministries. With God???s help, we will endeavour to do our best to the Glory of God.

What do you like most about working with the St Andrew congregation?

One of the factors that impresses me the most is the willingness of the congregation to come together for the greater good of the congregation???s spiritual progress and development.

By and large the bulk of the congregation will rally to the call to work together advance the work of the Lord. This is seen in our effort to acquire a property of our own to further the work of the Lord in Red Hills Road and some jointing areas.

What’s has been your greatest challenge?

My greatest challenge is to better organise and plan my secular life (my business) and the daily work of the church. Sometimes I fell back in executing some church activities. I have been working to correct this situation and to find that critical balance between work and church.

What would you consider your greatest accomplishment with the congregation?

It would be the steady increase in the attendance of our services; especially in the number of young children attending our Sunday school.

What new projects have the congregation undertaking since your appointment?

The main project that the congregation has taken on since my appointment is to acquire a property of our own as a meeting place and an outreach centre. Also, since my appointment, we have expanded our Dorcas Day Outreach Community programme to include medical assessments.

What future goals do you have for the congregation?

My future goals for the congregation include the following but not limited to them:

  • To see the appointment of elders and deacons in the next year or two years.
  • To encourage and help create an evangelistic and benevolent congregation of the Lord???s people.
  • To constantly challenge the congregation to remain relevant in a changing world by being more and more like Christ, our Master and Saviour.
  • To start a after school programme to assist students in the community with their school; etc.

Finally share with us an exchange or incident at the congregation that has been moving in your life (a sermon, bible class, a conversation, an event, a testimony).

I was truly touched and moved by the encouraging words and the promised support of the congregation at the welcome service to introduce my family and I to St. Andrew congregation.?? Also, I was definitely encouraged by a message that was preached by Bro. Trevor Smith within my first two months at the congregation on ???Followership???.

Congregation members listening to sermon as Bro Grennell preaches

The St Andrew congregation is currently undertaking the acquisition of an identified property and seeking to raise JA$28M and solicit your prayers, encouragement and assistance.

The congregation currently meets at the Auditorium of the Family Life Ministries on 1 Cecelia Ave, Kingston 10.

(876) 925-3004 (office) | (876) 532-9891 (cell)

3 thoughts on “Newly appointed evangelist making strides”

  1. A great interview. The responses were humble, sincere and honest. God bless, bro. Grennell….

  2. Great to see my home congregation is making excellent strides. May God continue to bless the ministry and great work that you do in this community.

    God bless you all
    Robert and Sandra Darby Family

  3. Congrats bro grennell i know u can do it with the help of the Almighty God i ave learnt a lot from u n wish i was still sitting at ur feet. All the best

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