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Mona COC Gospel Meeting rejuvenates members

Kingston, Jamaica |

January 18, 2013

The Mona Heights Church of Christ recently concluded their two-week Gospel Meeting under the theme “Is it well with my soul?”. Members have expressed their joy in having the meeting as it allowed time for introspection and opened avenues for exposing the word of God to many visitors within the community. “It was a great rejuvenation of spirit”expressed one.

The meeting was facilitated by three Gospel Speakers (Carl Mitchell, Dave Osbourne and Harold Gilmore), who powerfully engaged the audience each night with topics that sought to peak the interest of inquiring minds. Topics ranged from Faith, The Oneness of the Church, Is Any Church as Good as another? and Giving.

The Meeting culminated with six (6) Baptisms, numerous bible studies, questions and prayer requests.

Bro. Harold Gilmore speaking to congregation
COCJamaica spoke with Michael Brown the Junior Minister of the congregation in an interview to get details on the Gospel Meeting effort.

1. How successful was the recent Gospel Meeting? Did it accomplish its mission?

A. The gospel meeting was a resounding success. We had the opportunity to introduce individuals to the Bible – “Yes, the Bible,” he said – which stirred great interest for continuous study.

B.The church is again advertised throughout the eight communities from which we have a total of 87 prospects for bible studies and children to be picked up for Sunday School. Our contact base has broadened and more souls will have a chance to be exposed to the word of God.

2. Are there areas you see a need to focus on as a result of the Gospel Meeting?

Most definitely. There is the need for constant evangelism outside of the campaign season. This would then allow for more persons to have an interest in attending the nightly meetings and to make the decision to follow Jesus Christ after hearing the messages.

[Focus should] Be the church in the community and people will know that we are not just on a “campaign effort” for two weeks but an “in season, out of season mission” There is also the case where one young lady was over elated when she was told that we will come into her home and have a one and one bible study. This is something that she wanted badly. The overall result is that people are out there just waiting for their opportunity to hear the gospel but are treading on the side of caution with those who bring the word to them. People are searching for truth and will not settle for error in many cases. The church has a great responsibility.

Keys to Adore in performance
The final night of the Gospel Meeting, visitors were treated to performances from the Alvaedo One Light Music Ministry (A1LMM) Keys to Adore Acappella singing group. Songs performed included “Acappella”, “To him who sits on the throne” and others. The A1LMM provides congregation singing and voice lesson every 4th Sunday at the Independence City Church of Christ in Portmore, St Catherine.

The church continues to request the prayers of the faithful as they seek to continue to plant the seed of the word in the community and shepherd the new converts.

Audio CDs of the nightly meeting can be ordered from the church office.

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