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Inside-Out Success Workshop promotes powerful thinking

Kingston, Jamaica |

March 8, 2017

The St Andrew Church of Christ hosted a professional development workshop and webinar Sunday, March 5, at the Mona Heights Church of Christ Auditorium to educate and provide insights to Jamaicans on keys to Successful Living.

The workshop was themed?????Keys to Inside-Out Success?????and aimed to empower individuals to gain clarity on life by understanding tangible ways to achieve success starting from within.

The line-up of speakers at the event included Author, Newspaper Columnist & Behavioral Coach, Trevor Smith, Chair of the Nursing Council of Jamaica & member of Sigma Theta Tau International, Dr Leila McWhinney-Dehaney, Successful Entrepreneur and Public Speaker, Alphonso Grennell, Motivational Speaker/Counsellor and Founder of Words WorthIt, Paul Blake and International Best Selling Author and Motivational Speaker, Keri Smith.

Trevor Smith indicated there is a difference between “Knowing” and “Believing” and that understanding the distinction may lead to significant breakthroughs in life. Dr McWhinney-Dehaney confirmed that success comes from within and shared how we can start to trigger episodes of success. According to Dr. McWhinney-Dehaney, an incremental measure of success is being better than where we are coming from.??Alphonso Grennell shared testimonials of life-changing moments that geared him to success and showed how the audience could apply similar techniques to their lives.??Paul Blake highlighted the power of dreaming BIG and shared how to work towards it.

Joining the event via internet video conference was Keri Smith, who shared a 7 ???B???s framework to Success. She indicated ???Belief??? is an important driver to success as it defines one???s determination and what they will strive towards.

The reception of the content was well received by the participants, which was evident by the dynamic online & local audience engagement during the Q&A session.

???Excellent content, excellent speakers. I was really encouraged.??? said Tessa Walker who attended the evening’s event.

Alphonso Grennell (Minister, St Andrew Church of Christ) said he was pleased by the turnout and the successful staging of the event and hoped the workshop would impact the lives of the attendees and would help build stronger communities in Jamaica.

A replay of the webinar can be played here

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