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First Convert at Mile Gully Congregation

Mile Gully, Jamaica |

November 29, 2012

it is with??greater Joy and glee??I’m reporting to you this time around, as history has been created yesterday,??Tuesday, 27th day of November, 2012, in that, we have had our very??first baptism??at Mile Gully!!! Our new??brother in Christ is,??Bro Albert Buckham, and we say,??to GOD Almighty be the glory, great??things??He has done!

It was a moment of great??JOY??beyond compare! Words are NOT adequate to tell you how much??JOY??and jubilation was felt! Yesterday, the devil was defeated and God won the victory!??Oh, glory to His holy and awesome name!??Truly,??heaven rejoices??(Luke 15:7) when one sinner repents!

Thanks??to all the brethren who celebrated with us yesterday at our??Evangelism Work Day; from Sandy Bay CoC, Mandeville, Santa Cruz, Browns Town, Old Harbour, and Spalding CoC, etc, and we would like you to celebrate with us as well.

Thanks to those who helped with transportation;??Bro Bembridge, Bro Brissett, etc.??Thanks to the cooks who fed us! Finger licking, mmm! Thanks brethren! Thank you very much! “It was a great day”, said Bro Powell! “All the work of the LORD at hand was accomplished”, and I say,??all??praises to God!

Finally brethren,??please??pray for our new brother in Christ,??that he will continue??steadfastly,??and??grow??in the??grace and knowledge of our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ,??2nd Pet.3:18).??Also,??please pray for us on a whole, for the good Lord’s continued guidance and blessings upon us and the work at Mile Gully. Please pray doors will be opened unto us for the??word, and our borders and horizon will be amplified,??to the glory of God.

Thank you kindly!
The grace of our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ be with you all.

Sincerely in Christ,
Bro Walcott

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