Church of Christ Jamaica
Bringing Light to the Nation

Out of the need for better communication and the desire for a resource hub which facilitates access to a wide cross-section of information, primarily spiritual and personal development, COCJamaica was born.
We are not a profit making organization nor do we consider ourselves to be a company but an initiative by members of the church of Christ within the island of Jamaica to herald the good news and provide updates on congregation activities across the island and to improve the communication among sister congregations.
Our Mission
It is our intent to use this website as a hub for information relating to the church of Christ and its activities here on the island of Jamaica.

Site Objectives
To make known the word of God.
To provide a forum for the discussion of doctrinal & topical issues affecting the church islandwide.
To provide updates on congregation activities.
To provide facilities where brethren can support the church community.

To locate a congregation near you please visit our Congregation Search page. If you wish to make a General Enquiry please use our Contact Us Feedback Form.